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School Payment Solutions

With EduTuit SFS (School Financial System), parents can pay for school expenses, including but not limited to: Admission, Tuition, Misc. Fees, Books, Lunches, Field Trips, Fundraisers, etc. Schools can choose to accept: ACH debit (e-check), credit cards, debit cards, or cash. Schools can choose to accept: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, or none of the above. When parents make a transaction the money moves directly from their account to your school's safely and securely. EduTuit merely pushes it and facilitates the transaction. Schools can schedule a full year's worth of fees, break-down tuition and expenses, and parents can click-on autopay so...

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School Payment Software Offering

"Lost time is never found again." - Benjamin Franklin ...

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Check Our Our Webpage At: for a full list of our features and pricing. EduTuit specializes in Tuition management software for schools. You won't believe how easy it is! Tuition Payment Software has evolved into a new service in a direction which leads away from large outsourcing companies into a specialized Tuition Payment Software system, which allows schools to create field trips, fundraisers, or sell stuff in an included school store. School Tuition Software in the coming decade, for some schools, will not necessarily need to include other forms of management features (like attendance, grades, or class selection) and many schools...

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K-12 Education Software

For K-8 or K-12 schools, what does school management software need to be? For some schools, keeping track of kids is enough: • Enrollment • Grades • Classroom Seating • Attendance For other schools keeping track of the money is better. We specialize in K-12 School Online Software and School Financial Systems (SFS), and we made SFS FREE for schools. There is nothing to install, it's all online. You get your own highly customizable website, and you can keep track of all monies flowing straight into your school account right there. • Enrollment • Tuition • Fees • Books • Lunch • Field Trips • Fundraisers • School Store • Scheduling Payments Don't pay for software...

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Free School Software

Some leading school software companies claim that their school software is web-based and online. But what they really deliver is an outdated 1990's client-server application that has been wrapped in a web API. Many school software companies are far behind and their software is outdated. The costs of developing a brand new school software would be in the millions of dollars and would be extremely complicated to upgrade. Which is why they keep trying to pass-off their outdated wares with patches and bandaged solutions to what consumers expect in today's high tech world. The good news is that there are a...

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