Some leading school software companies claim that their school software is web-based and online. But what they really deliver is an outdated 1990's client-server application that has been wrapped in a web API. Many school software companies are far behind and their software is outdated. The costs of developing a brand new school software would be in the millions of dollars and would be extremely complicated to upgrade. Which is why they keep trying to pass-off their outdated wares with patches and bandaged solutions to what consumers expect in today's high tech world.

The good news is that there are a few web based school software companies now. EduTuit
doesn't try to be everything to everyone, but what we do is the hard stuff, and we do it right. Developed from scratch for parents to pay schools directly is difficult and is what other school software companies shy away from. They let PayPal do the heavy lifting. PayPal charges hefty fees that ultimately come out of the school's profits.

At EduTuit w
e do school payment software and that's all we do! We don't keep track of seating charts, carpools, or student talent shows, we make it easy to accept payments of all types from parents directly to schools for any receivable account. Field trips, tuition, lunch tickets, whatever, we make that easy! EduTuit facilitates a full year worth of scheduled school payments, and the payments go directly from the parent to the school's account. And our school software is FREE for schools!

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