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January 2013 Blog Posts

Tell Your School About EduTuit - Collect $100

Tell Your School About EduTuit - Collect $100! Parents, teachers, administrators, or relatives who submit EduTuit to K-12 schools with more than 300 students, which ends in a sale, will collect $100, and schools with less than 300 students collect $50 - as our thanks! Rules: Offer expires June 30, 2014. You must tell us about your submission on our Contact Us form within one day of our first contact with the school. Void where prohibited by law. Contact: EduTuit Corp. 268 Brevard Avenue Cocoa, FL 32922 ...

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School Management Software With Autopay

Parents Autopay schools using EduTuit.  Parents adding a credit card or a bank account number have the option to turn Autopay on/off. Schools can also make this feature mandatory, requiring parents to pay at predetermined intervals. To have your school setup with Autopay or to discuss options please submit your contact information on our contact form now or call us at: 877-273-8848.

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K-12 Independent School Facts Tuition Makes a Full Recovery

If the parents at your school are paying an outsourcing company $43 per year to make tuition payments, then your school can recover 75% of that money today by switching to EduTuit as their payment processor and continuing to charge parents the same amount. This leaves $33 per family to be redistributed how the school chooses. A school with 1000 families can recover $33,000 per year by making the switch. Click here to go to our main page to arrange a demo.

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Schools Save Tens Of Thousands By Changing School Billing Systems

Outsourcing tuitions collections was a phenomenon of the past twenty years which many schools are now rethinking and replacing with leased school payment software, alone or as an addendum to their school management system.  Schools who outsource their tuition collections, enrollments, and school billing systems can take back up to $30,000 or more per year. So many schools are abandoning the full service outsourcing model and looking for simpler more efficient alternatives. This is why we spent years in development and created EduTuit School Financial System (SFS), to address this real need. EduTuit is a free enrollment, scheduling, and billing system...

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