Outsourcing tuitions collections was a phenomenon of the past twenty years which many schools are now rethinking and replacing with leased school payment software, alone or as an addendum to their school management system.  Schools who outsource their tuition collections, enrollments, and school billing systems can take back up to $30,000 or more per year.

So many schools are abandoning the full service outsourcing model and looking for simpler more efficient alternatives. This is why we spent years in development and created EduTuit School Financial System (SFS), to address this real need. EduTuit is a free enrollment, scheduling, and billing system for schools. And with EduTuit each school gets their own unique web presence which is highly customizable using the school’s colors, logos, banners, pictures, and messages.

            Free school management software
            Personalize for your school
            Powerful and versatile
            Field trip manager
            Scheduled billing
            School store

Schools can decidedly configure EduTuit to charge parents the sum of what they paid in the previous year, including the costs parents paid to the outsourcing companies, and then redistribute the difference into the school or pass back a portion to the parents.  EduTuit only charges $10 per student, whereas outsourcing companies charge as much as $40 - $50 per family.  A school with 1,000 students can recover $20,000 - $30,000 per year this way.  Everybody saves money and that impacts schools directly by having the versatility to redistribute the income, instead of leaving it to an outside company.

Resuming your tuitions collections through EduTuit is easy.  It was designed to shift a majority of the work-load onto the parents to manage their own accounts.  No additional staff is needed, no IT department, only an internet connection and a single administrator.  “This is how our vision of the internet works for schools in the future: Schools sign-up for a service and parents pay for it, parents make their payments online and the monies go directly to schools.”  Existing enrollment databases can be imported by EduTuit, and new enrollments usually can be done in 30 seconds or less.  It’s virtually no more work than before, and it’s a huge savings.  Technical support is included in the cost, and everything is hosted on our award winning partners’ secure servers.

Other receivables such as lunches, field trips, fundraisers, school store items, or any miscellaneous fees can all be paid by parents online.  There is no other system with the power and flexibility of EduTuit SFS.   Sign-up now for the current school year or start planning for the next.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you take back your tuitions collections.

For more information on EduTuit SFS school software, please visit: http://www.edutuit.com .

About EduTuit EduTuit was founded in 2010 and developed school online payment systems from scratch. We offer generous support packages because we believe strongly in our products and services.


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