Johnny Juarez had a music school called Rock Zone in suburban Buffalo, New York. Students would come to the Rock Zone weekly for music lessons, and they (or their parents) would be responsible for paying for those lessons. As a business owner, musician, and marketer, Johnny had a lot on his mind. It was hard to keep track of who paid what when for music lessons. If only Johnny had known about EduTuit’s CFS—“Course Financial System.” It’s a smart way to handle the collection of tuition payments from students. EduTuit’s CFS serves a very helpful function to any school (or business) charging students, clients or customers tuition and other fees. CFS doesn’t require any downloads or installations; instead, CFS is a customizable, secure pay site so you can take payments over the Internet for course transactions. CFS has many benefits, including its powerful auto-pay scheduler, automated billing and invoicing, as well as an opportunity to sell stuff online in a school store. As a stand-alone web portal, CFS works on its own or can interface with your existing website. In addition, EduTuit’s CFS allows you to design, schedule, and, most importantly, sell custom courses for anything. Want to offer online painting lessons, anger management seminars, or divorce counseling? CFS is the way to get paid online in a professional, easy-to-use manner. With several great features, EduTuit’s CFS can truly help people with their online billing needs. Hi Victor, It's a good thing you're offering! -Mark Weber