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EduTuit Announces New Fundraiser Feature in its Software

Fundraising feature will help students learn how to handle money properly


Cocoa, Florida – January 10th, 2013 – EduTuit Corp. today announced the launch of a new feature called Fundraiser into its K-12 school billing software. The software has already been lauded for streamlining the formerly complicated billing process into a simple online transaction.


The new feature will allow students at schools with the EduTuit software to create their very own fundraising drives. These drives can be for anything; charity, raising funds for school trips and even buying new sports equipment for school teams.


By giving students the power to make their own fundraiser drives, EduTuit is enabling young adults to learn the value of money, financial responsibility and how to budget. These are valuable skills that they will take on through their adult life.


EduTuit software saves schools thousands of dollars in money along with countless hours of time. By paying online into a centralized system, administrators can see who has paid and who hasn’t; there’s no more need to remember who paid what and when – it’s all listed in an orderly manner.


The fully customizable EduTuit software is available today. Take charge of your school’s financial transactions and eliminate the bloat and confusion that other, more complicated solutions offer.  


Quite simply, no other school software system on the market today can offer the range of features bundled with an ease and simplicity of use that EduTuit can. Call us today and speak to one of our friendly representatives at (877) 273-8848!



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