Private Schools in North America Found a New Revenue Stream

There is a new breed of lightweight full-featured school billing software beginning to raise eyebrows, and it’s causing schools to rethink how they do collections. Schools that previously outsourced their tuitions are turning around and finding better options for performing tuitions collections, cheaper, and simpler. Private schools in North America now have options for taking back the millions of dollars that previously went to third party companies.

Here’s how: Outsourcing companies are charging about $40.00 to families over the tuition cost of sending their children to private school. But a new breed of much less expensive software has risen and is beginning to hack away at these behemoths.

EduTuit SFS is a complete full-featured school payment software. It still automates all the tasks outsourcing companies perform, but costs up to 75% less. Some clever schools are switching to the new system, yet charging parents the same amount as the previous year, netting schools as much as $30,000 per year or more on their balance sheet. Parents manage their own accounts, and schools can print reports or export data to their ledgers.

The software isn’t just for private schools, but public schools are just as interested in the software system. Schools can use the customizable features to dress-up the site in their colors, graphics, and text, giving it a personalized feel. It can be linked back to the schools primary website or be used as their stand-alone site. One school in Colorado found EduTuit SFS useful for billing parents for STEM supplies. Parents can be optionally compelled to pay for everything in order to complete enrollment, and if they haven’t paid the school then the system will continue to send reminders to pay. Other schools love the usefulness of the Field-Trip system, which broadcasts announcements to parents, who can also pay online. Print a report on the day of the field-trip and know exactly who has paid and who hasn’t. In addition there are many other features, such as online credit card or ACH payments, fundraisers, and a school store where schools can sell anything online 24 hours per day.

Schools wanting an alternative to Smart Tuition, Facts Management, or Rediker may want to take a good look at EduTuit SFS School Software. It’s making tuitions collections easier and much cheaper.

Public schools wanting to automate enrollment, charge parents for fees, field-trips, STEM, sell things, or run a fundraiser, should also look into it.

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